Hand in hand
    with strong partners

Common goals and
visions make us strong.
The collaboration with
competent partners gives
us a view beyond the

Mutual trust and respect
are the basis of our
successful cooperation.

Our partners:

Memon® bionic instruments GmbH

The memon technology gives you an opportunity to use modern technology without the negative effects of electric smog to optimise water quality and to reduce fine dust in the breathable air. Behind this “Made in Bavaria” technology there are people who stand for sustainability and success of memonizers, as the products are called, due to their decades of experience, development and conviction. Thousands of satisfied customers and users from all over the world send a clear signal: memon ensures that the natural life environment is preserved. For more vitality and joy of living. More info at www.memon.eu

Centurion Systems

Centurion Systems offers a broad selection of products for humans and animals. They were specially developed to treat specific areas of the body. Learn more at www.centurionsystems.com

Practice clinic Dr. Schuppert

The practice clinic Dr Schuppert treats acute as well as chronic diseases and is available to you as your health coach. The objective is to heal diseases based on cause-related treatment and to protect from new diseases. For this purpose, the clinic offers a concept of scientific traditional and holistic diagnostics and therapy. In this regard practice clinic Dr Schuppert can look back on 31 years of successful experience. More info at www.praxisklinikbonn.de

SCENARdeutschland GmbH

SCENARdeutschland specializes in high-precision, adaptive, regulated pulse therapy. Since 2002, the company offers biofeedback-controlled equipment medicine.Thousands of doctors, healers and therapists use this special form of electrotherapy. All units undergo stringent controls in order to meet the high standards of the German Medical Device certification requirements. At the same time, an experienced team of physicians tutors the therapists in various stages. This way it is ensured that the therapys’ quality is always at a consistently high level. Simultaneously, the therapy is so easy to handle that the application can be integrated perfectly into practice.
More info at www.scenar.de