The 4-pillar principle

There is a company with a special philosophy behind globally successful products. From the beginning they are supported by the 4-pillar principle:




Since 40 years MORA®-System is an important method for safe diagnosis and focused treatment. Our experience helps us in creating a unique connection of traditional treatment forms with modern technology.


Modern development processes and detailed research enable constant further development of our products. We are not averse to exploring new paths to develop products, which correspond to the requirements of our modern times.


Disseminate knowledge: Comprehensive trainings, seminars and experience exchange at highest level ensures focused and thoughtful application of MORA®-System by competent therapists.


We would be glad to provide consultation to therapists and patients in the application of MORA®-System. We take your questions and suggestions very seriously. Due to our direct contact with the therapists and patients, we are very sensitive to their wants and requirements.